Software Technology

Software can either make you more or less efficient and our deep understanding of software lets us make the right decisions about what you should use or (often more importantly) what you shouldn’t use.
We help create the framework and efficient work flow systems for managing and executing the right choices about software to be utilized in your company.
Don’t over-complicate processes with a cumbersome software and don’t spend more than you need to if a little customization of an existing software can save you thousands per month. With a solid background in the founding, setup, and management of many companies offline and online, a deep understanding of technology from an end-user perspective has been developed. All of the services of EfficiencyCzar revolve around technology. Whether it’s utilizing technology to increase efficiency for sales teams or lead generation or in streamlining the processes between customers and back-end admin, our expertise comes from understanding a wide variety of software and how they do or don’t play nice with each other. We have been been utilized as beta testers on various software providing the developers with valuable information on improvements for real-world application by the end-user (not just the programmers and engineers who design the software).