Projects & Tasks

In almost every case, regardless of service or product or company department, a business is broken down into two components tasks and projects. Our approach to a business and its efficiency improvement focuses where our efforts are most effective; on the framework development to handle repeatable tasks and managing projects.
We help create the framework and work flow systems for managing and executing daily (periodic) tasks and in the development and execution of company-wide or individual projects.
Repeatable tasks are those tasks comprising the lion-share of the administration of a company: checking account balances, invoicing customers, paying staff, checking stock, ordering supplies, checking plugins, making 50 sales calls, sending monthly newsletters, etc. if the same task will be done more than once, a system can be created to make its management (and most importantly) its actual execution more efficient.
Projects – the grouping of unique tasks that have a start and an end date for an achievable goal: creating the newsletter campaign, getting into a new market, developing an HR policy, implementing an accounting software change, etc. projects can be set up to be either black holes of time spent and materials spread everywhere, or they can be nicely packaged little ‘boxes’ of completed tasks and related materials that can be completed as intended and filed away for later retrieval (files named properly, framework organized, etc.)
This is ultimately the point of our organizational knowledge…efficient execution of things to do to properly run a company, not in shuffling papers or wasting resources.