Efficiency in marketing, yes it exists, if handled by efficient systems – marketing is repetition with key messages, repetition can be made more efficient. There are two components to marketing, creating and doing; we are the doing part.
We help create the framework and efficient work flow systems for managing and executing marketing campaigns.
In creating and managing a number of businesses and working with a number of marketing teams, key lessons have been learned about marketing and what’s more important, creating a fancy logo, or getting that logo out there. Once the brand has been developed and the key messages created for the company (not our role, we are not branders), our approach to marketing is in its implementation. The work put into developing a brand is lost if it is not consistently applied with consistent newsletters, tweets, videos produced, email signatures updated, showing up where your target demographics are (online). At the end of the day, 90% of the battle is just showing up, so our role is in getting your brand out there with periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) tangible actions that are consistently done. ¬†While we may have insights in message development, we are not in the business of creating award-winning designs, we are not branders. We are the systems designer to create the efficient machine to deliver that message.